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There is currently one spot open for the MEGABREAK which will happen on April 11th and 12th.  Spots are $160, but with all of the bonus products and giveaways, have retail value closer to $200.  So, if you would like to take the available spot, message FightHobby on the forums.  Here is the payment link:

Beyond the Cage Podcast 3/25/15

CCB Throwback Interview

by Kerry Webster

Combat Cardboard: Did you ever collect sports cards as a kid?
*Charlie Brenneman:
 Yeah. My brother and I were card collectors. I basically just followed suit. He wanted to be the baseball card collector so I collected football cards.

Combat Cardboard: How did you get involved in collecting sports cards?
*Charlie Brenneman:
It was the thing to do at a young age ... getting all the sets for Christmas and birthdays, getting the fancy sheets and albums. It was great.

Combat Cardboard: Did you have a favorite sports card?
*Charlie Brenneman:
Believe it or not, my favorite, or card I was most proud of, was from the Desert Storm collection. It was of President Bush. 

Combat Cardboard: Are you surprised MMA trading cards are a "big thing?"
*Charlie Brenneman:
Not at all. MMA is a 'big thing' so it only makes sense.

Combat Cardboard: What was you initial reaction to seeing yourself on a trading card?
*Charlie Brenneman:
 How awesome is that. I was thrilled. I made a good contact at Topps cards and got to be part of some cool stuff.

Combat Cardboard: How much of your input goes into making these trading cards?
*Charlie Brenneman:
 At this point, zero. Maybe with the bigger names they have some say.

Combat Cardboard: Does the companies provide you with any of your own cards?
*Charlie Brenneman:
 Yep. Topps just sent me about 150 cards or so.

Combat Cardboard: Does it feel weird to be a on a piece of cardboard that people find value in?
*Charlie Brenneman:
I hope there's value in it. Yeah, but it's more cool than weird.

Combat Cardboard: Do you collect your own cards?
*Charlie Brenneman:
Without a doubt. I try to keep track of all my relics to one day show my kids and their friends ... so I can be the 'cool dad.'

Combat Cardboard: How do you feel about signing autographs in person with people?
*Charlie Brenneman:
I'm more than happy to do it. It's flattering. It's part of living the dream. 

Combat Cardboard: If you could have one person's autograph, who would it be?
*Charlie Brenneman:
Enrique Iglesias. I'm a huge fan.

Undercard(board) Heroes UFN62

Amanda Nunes

For the UFN 62 edition of Undercard(board) Heroes, CCB has had to expand the definition of "Undercard" to mean "anyone not in the main event.  A card full of relatively unknown (to American audiences) Central and South American fighters will do that.  Our pick for this event is Brazilian scrapper Amanda Nunes.

Nunes started her martial arts training at a boxing gym, and eventually added BJJ at the behest of her sister.  The Lioness started her MMA career with a loss, but rounded into form with a 5 fight winning streak.  That was followed by a 2-2 run in Strikeforce and Invicta.  Most recently, Nunes has gone 3-1 in the UFC.  Her lone loss was to Cat Zingano, arguably the second best fighter in the division.  With Correia, Tate, Zingano, and Eye establishing a clear "contenders" level in the WBW division, Amanda Nunes would appear to be the leader of the next group.  Fans should be excited to see if she can take the next step.

Amanda's first Topps cards were in 2013 Bloodlines with a full base card spectrum.  In 2014 Knockout, Nunes got her first (and only) autograph cards.  She appeared again in last summer's Champions product on base cards.  Her omission from 2014 Bloodlines is surprising considering the international attention of the product.  It remains unknown when Amanda "The Lioness" Nunes will return to Topps cardboard.

Beyond the Cage 3/18/15

Prediction Panel: UFN62 Maia vs. LaFlare

Quiksand - I think LaFlare will defend well against Maia's Takedowns and Submission attempts in fact i believe LaFlare will hand Maia his first loss via Sub around the 3rd or 4th round.

BeardsonMMA - The winner will be fans who like fights that go to decisions.  Or, Maia because he is a handsome older gentleman who might intimidate you if he were dating your sister.

Sports Collector's Index - Maia (3.99) defeats LaFlare (1.81)

A and N Sports Cards - LaFlare takes this one.

Beyond the Cage - Dave - I think Maia will "Fitch" him for 5 rounds.  Jim - Maia might catch a submission, but I think LaFlare's overall better wrestling game and most certainly better striking game will give the American the advantage.  He's my pick.

Fight Hobby - Maia will carry the frustrations of a nation full of angry Brazilians into the cage and take it out on the unfortunate LaFlare.

Final:  Maia - 4

          LaFlare - 3