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The Prediction Panel:  UFN Hunt vs. Miocic

Beards on MMA - Jordan - I dig mark hunt but 100% going with @stipemiocicufc aka "sharknado stipe"  Matt - They both lose for willingly agreeing to go to Adelaide.

Quiksand - I'm gonna take Miocic to win a very dominate decision victory.

FightHobby - I think this fight looks a lot like the Miocic/Nelson fight.  Hunt will be more active than Nelson  was, but the result is the same:  Miocic easy.

Beyond the CageDave - The fans!!!! In a flat out brawl I say hunt I'm a technical fight stipe.... I say stipe  Jim -

Hunt always has a punchers chance, but miocic is just too well rounded not to pick for the win.

SCI - Miocic (11.03) defeats Hunt (3.73)

A and N SportsCards - Hunt

Total:  Miocic- 6
           Hunt-  1

2015 Fantasy MMA League Season 1 starts May 16th

A tradition of CombatCardboard's past, Fantasy MMA is returning to the site starting with the May 16th fight card.  The format will be head-to-head as it has been in the past with some minor tweaking to the scoring system.  The league will run for 8 "weeks" with one grand prize winner being crowned by the Aldo/McGregor fight card.  At the time of this posting, there were 8 "teams" available for Season 1.  We hope that you will join us for some fun and prizes.  Below is a link to the league thread in the forums.

2015 Knockout Top Ebay Sales

Just over a week into the release of 2015 Topps UFC Knockout, we have already seen a number of big cards pulled.  Part of how collectors will judge the product is by how the cards do on the secondary market.  Though previous Topps products were good products, weak secondary market sales cooled the fan's enthusiasm.  It would appear that KO15 does not have that problem.  There are already been 9 cards sold for more than the price of a single box, and 35 total sales over $100.  Here's a sampling of high-profile cards sold on ebay:

Rousey Scarlet Signatures

Rousey Museum Framed Auto

Rousey Belt Plate Auto Ruby

Namajunas Base 1/1

McGregor Scarlet Sigs Gear/Auto

Pendred Base Auto 1/1

Velasquez Base Auto 1/1

Jones Belt Plate Auto Ruby

Beyond the Cage 4/29/15

Undercard(board) Hero  UFC 186

The undercard(board) Hero from UFC 186 is Alexis Davis.  Her second round armbar victory ran her to 6-1 in her last 7 fights.  The lone loss in that stretch came against Ronda Rousey.  As deep as the Women's Bantamweight Division is, wins are always important.  Davis now has names like Eye, Nunes, Carmouche, Baszler, and Kaufman amongst her triumphs.  When a couple of high profile matches happen later this summer, we should know more about the next opponent for Ally-Gator.  Whoever it is, they should have their hands full with the surging Davis.

UFC 186 Prediction Panel

SCI - Mighty Mouse (26.06) will defeat Horiguchi (2.27) easily.

A and N Sports Cards - Horiguchi will take this fight.

Jeremy Fullerton - In what is sure to be a high speed affair, I see DJ pulling out another victory. It may go to decision, but I think he dominates Horiguchi.

Beards on MMA - Matt - Miracles can happen in the Octagon but not when you're fighting Mighty Mouse. Go MM by dominant decision.  Jordan - MM via @paliontology being a fan ... But props to the gooch for fighting for PS3 against Xbox 360.

Beyond the Cage - Jim - Horiguchi is a great young talent but I don't think he is ready for Mighty Mouse. Give me Johnson.  Dave - Johnson retains and cements himself as the most under appreciated champ in mma.

Quiksand - I can't pick against Mighty Mouse he's just too damn good and I think he will will in the 3rd round by TKO.

Fight Hobby - Demetrious

Total:  Johnson      8

            Horiguchi    1

      2015 Topps UFC Knockout Preview

by Jeremy Royse

The last few releases of Topps UFC brand Trading Cards have left collectors with something to be desired. The good thing is 2015 Topps UFC Knockout is set to release April 22nd, 2015.

2015 Knockout or KO as most refer to it, returns and features many of the classic Knockout favorites such as Fistographs and Championship Belt cards but also incorporates new insert sets borrowing from other popular Topps lines.

2015 KO will include the new UFC Museum Collection which has been a huge hit with collectors in Topps football and baseball products. Another big change is the configuration of a master hobby box.  KO has always been an 8 mini-boxes per 1 master box product but 2015 will see it change to 10 mini-boxes per master box (3 Autographs, 2 Autograph Relics and 5 Relics). This change was made by Topps to standardize their production across multiple sports.  It will not indicate any change to the quality or odds of getting a big hit in a box of 2015 Knockout.  Each mini box includes 5 cards; a “Hit” of either an Autograph, an Autograph Relic or a Relic card as well as 3 base cards, 1 parallel base card.

Among the notable first-time signers in 2015 Topps UFC Knockout are Andrei Arlovski, Corey Anderson, Carla Esparza, Felice Herrig, Ken Shamrock, Cathal Pendred, and Jessica Penne.  CM Punk will not be featured in KO15, CCB has confirmed that he will be included in future Topps UFC releases.

The traditional Triple Threads relic cards will this year be replaced by Museum Collection cards that will be welcome by some as a new twist to the Knockout sets.  Topps has stated that after a few years of including Triple Threads cards in Knockout, they felt it was time to move away from the same kinds of cards.  They wanted to give UFC collectors something fresh to collect.   Instead of collecting the 4th different year of GSP or Jon Jones Triple Threads, this year collectors will have the opportunity to collect a fighter's first Museum Collection cards.  They are also using a new color choice for the 1/1 cards. All sets of Knockout previously have had a “Platinum” or “Onyx” as the color choice for 1/1 cards, this year they are using “Emerald” (Traditionally used in Triple Threads /18) as the 1/1 color.  However the Base 1/1 cards will still feature the simulated bluish “Mat” finish.

With the exclusion of Triple Threads, the new relic sets will include a few new card styles:

Monumental Material Jumbo swatches (/25) will include a Jumbo piece of notable events from UFC, WEC and Strikeforce events. There are 2 parallels to this set including /8 and Emerald 1/1.

Primary Pieces Quad relics (/50) will feature 4 relic pieces from 4 different fighters that share a common bond, Topps typically uses weight classes or UFC events as their common bonds but will be interesting to see if they come up with new ways to group fighters. Parallels include /25, /8 and /1.

Another new addition will be Significant Swatches with 3 pieces of relic from 1 fighter. I picture these to be similar to the between the rounds relics they have had for ring girls in previous KO releases. There is also an Autographed version of these that will be numbered /20, /8 and Emerald 1/1.

Museum Memorabilia and Momentous Material Glove Patch Relics will feature a metal framed piece of UFC glove signed by a fighter, and a framed UFC glove wrist strap (non-autographed) respectively. These are 1/1 cards replace the Autographed Glove book cards from previous series’ but look amazing in the previews. Don’t worry that the book cards are completely gone, as 2015 KO will still feature Sick Sigs books that include 6 fighter autographs as well as Dynamic Dual Autograph Book Cards. The Dynamic Dual books will feature two fighter autographs as well as fighter worn gear, numbered to just 5 copies each.

An array of new autographs will bring a new look to the line. Museum Collection Framed Autographs will come in 3 Parallel colors (Silver /15, Gold /10 and Black /5). These are beautiful cards in the Topps football and baseball sets and no doubt will be a very welcomed addition to KO especially as most insert sets do not feature on card autographs. A fan favorite in all sets have always been the red inks, while there isn’t a red ink parallel of the base auto set, 2015 KO will debut Scarlet Signatures. With the preview images showing a red background and red ink signatures, these look to be some of the nicest auto inserts since the 2013 Finest Valor set. Dynamic Duals are also found in not only the books as mentioned but also as a dual autographed single card, as well as a non-autographed version that features 2 relic pieces instead.

Fans of the more traditional Knockout format won’t be disappointed with over 40 fighters having base autos, relics, relic autos, Championship Belt plate cards both autographed (/8) and non-autographed (/50), Fistograph box toppers as well as redemptions for full size autographed gloves. On the topic of redemptions, Topps has stated that the redemption rate for 2015 Knockout is "fairly low" when compared to other recent releases.  The exact percentage is thus far unknown.

Those involved in the development of 2015 Topps UFC Knockout anticipate that the new Scarlet Signatures Auto and Auto Relic cards will be among the most sought after.  In addition, the traditional favorites of Fist-o-Graph and SickSigs will be chase cards as well.

2015 Knockout looks to bring a fresh look that will reel back in the collectors who may not have been fans of their recent releases. KO has and most likely always will be the #1 favorite product for UFC collectors, and this years’ iteration should be a big hit with both online breakers and those who enjoy to open their own boxes. As we saw with 2014 Bloodlines we don’t know what will truly end up in the product until it hits the streets so don’t get your heart set on any certain card or set just yet, but we would love to hear your thoughts on the Sell Sheet info!

CCB Throwback Interview:  Rich "Ace" Franklin

Combat Cardboard: Did you ever collect sports trading cards while you were growing up?

*Rich Franklin: I collected football cards for a short stint as a child, mostly because my younger brother collected them. We would organize them in plastics in three-ring binders and he was constantly trading and making deals with the neighborhood kids. At the time, I believed they would be worth something some day ... now I don't even know where I have placed them. My prize of my collection was a Barry Sanders rookie Score card. I don't know how rare that card was, but I thought it was worth a fortune at the time.

Combat Cardboard: Are you surprised MMA trading cards are a "big thing"?

*Rich Franklin: I am surprised by the entire memorabilia business. You can purchase a card, or limited edition cards with signatures or cloth swatches. As a child, I just had some cards, and now there is a necessity for an authentic piece of paraphernalia or be very limited in number to be worth anything.

Combat Cardboard: What was your initial reaction to seeing yourself on a trading card?

*Rich Franklin: I actually had a chance to walk through the Upper Deck facility in California when I signed my deal with them, and I must admit it felt very surreal. The transition from being a boy who collected cards to touring a facility that will make one of your cards is an indescribable feeling.

Combat Cardboard: How much of your input goes into making these trading cards?

*Rich Franklin: Absolutely none. I do not own the images they use for the cards.

Combat Cardboard: Does the companies provide you with any of your own cards?

*Rich Franklin: They may very well provide me with some of my own cards, but I do not have any of my own. I am sure my management keeps them.

Combat Cardboard: Does it feel "weird" to be on a piece of cardboard that people find value in?

*Rich Franklin: Absolutely. I always tell people my signature on a report card was worth nothing when I was teaching. Now, kids will stand in line for hours for my autograph. How does that happen?

Combat Cardboard: Will you, or do you, collect your own cards?

*Rich Franklin: I have a few random pieces of memorabilia, but I don't collect anything. If something doesn't have a use, I consider it clutter.

Combat Cardboard: How do you feel about signing autographs in person with people?

*Rich Franklin: I don't mind signing autographs for fans ever. I remember when my brother and I ran into Deion Sanders while he was playing for the Reds. My brother wanted his autograph and I encouraged him to ask. Although it seemed we were not interrupting him during an inopportune time, he refused and was quite rude about it. It left such a lasting memory that I never turn down a fan requesting an autograph. If I don't feel like signing an autograph for anybody, it's a good day to stay at home. That is not to say fans don't occasionally cross the line or erase the fact that I can't stand Ebayers.

Combat Cardboard: If you could have one person's autographed photo, who would it be?

*Rich Franklin: Barry Sanders was my hero growing up, and I had the chance to meet him. Although I have an autographed helmet from him, the chance to talk for five minutes was worth much more. 

Combat Cardboard: Besides punching people in the face, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

*Rich Franklin: I am a jack-of-all trades, master of none when it comes to hobbies. I will do almost anything that requires adrenaline. I like to snowboard and I just started wake boarding this summer. I have been known to play paintball, rock climb, hike, bike and I could do this all day. I do spend time playing my drums almost daily, and that is something I am learning and not quite proficient with yet.

Beyond the Cage 4/15/15

UFC on Fox 15 Prediction Panel

Jeremy Fullerton - Heart says Rockhold. Really pulling for him on multiple levels. Think a win should get him a title shot and  it will be a fresh match-up for the champ.

SCI - Rockhold (10.72) will defeat Machida (8.34).

Quiksand - This is a tough fight to pick but i think I'm gonna take Machida to win a very close decision.

BeardsonMMA - Matt - Rockhold has a respectable I don't give a fuck attitude. How else can he justify wearing his dad's sweater to a black tie event?  Jordan - rockhold bc he's a dreamboat .. And I accidentally got pee in my mouth and it was gross so I can't root for Machida

Beyond the Cage - Jim - Rock old has a chance but I don't see any area he is better at than Machida. Give me the dragon !  Dave - Machida via tko round 2.  Listen to beyond the cage every Wednesday fools.


FightHobby - Machida wins an exciting fight.

Total:  Rockhold 5

           Machida  4

CCB Throwback Interview

by Kerry Webster

Combat Cardboard: Did you ever collect sports cards as a kid?
*Charlie Brenneman:
 Yeah. My brother and I were card collectors. I basically just followed suit. He wanted to be the baseball card collector so I collected football cards.

Combat Cardboard: How did you get involved in collecting sports cards?
*Charlie Brenneman:
It was the thing to do at a young age ... getting all the sets for Christmas and birthdays, getting the fancy sheets and albums. It was great.

Combat Cardboard: Did you have a favorite sports card?
*Charlie Brenneman:
Believe it or not, my favorite, or card I was most proud of, was from the Desert Storm collection. It was of President Bush. 

Combat Cardboard: Are you surprised MMA trading cards are a "big thing?"
*Charlie Brenneman:
Not at all. MMA is a 'big thing' so it only makes sense.

Combat Cardboard: What was you initial reaction to seeing yourself on a trading card?
*Charlie Brenneman:
 How awesome is that. I was thrilled. I made a good contact at Topps cards and got to be part of some cool stuff.

Combat Cardboard: How much of your input goes into making these trading cards?
*Charlie Brenneman:
 At this point, zero. Maybe with the bigger names they have some say.

Combat Cardboard: Does the companies provide you with any of your own cards?
*Charlie Brenneman:
 Yep. Topps just sent me about 150 cards or so.

Combat Cardboard: Does it feel weird to be a on a piece of cardboard that people find value in?
*Charlie Brenneman:
I hope there's value in it. Yeah, but it's more cool than weird.

Combat Cardboard: Do you collect your own cards?
*Charlie Brenneman:
Without a doubt. I try to keep track of all my relics to one day show my kids and their friends ... so I can be the 'cool dad.'

Combat Cardboard: How do you feel about signing autographs in person with people?
*Charlie Brenneman:
I'm more than happy to do it. It's flattering. It's part of living the dream. 

Combat Cardboard: If you could have one person's autograph, who would it be?
*Charlie Brenneman:
Enrique Iglesias. I'm a huge fan.